The Yabia Omer Kolel is a place to which we invite the entire community to come and learn on a daily basis. The Yabia Omer Kolel has become the pumping heart of our Bet Knesset Shaare Ezra. We understand that learning Torah is something that keeps a Jew close and connected to The Creator, and day after day, that connection becomes stronger. Learning Torah in a Beth Hamidrash, surrounded by a Kol Torah, is a special and exciting experience that can only be achieved in such an environment.  Interacting in chabrutot allows each individual to take upon himself greater commitments to Hashem and the ability to withstand the great challenges of this generation. Torah Learning enhances our personalities, making our homes better places for our families to grow. In our kolel, men with a Yeshiva and kollel background learn together with Baale Batim who have never been in such an environment so that they get to experience a Beth Midrash Kol Torah. We are planting the seeds of the importance of Torah learning in these Baale Batim, hoping that they will also transmit these experiences to their children and families. A person who dedicates time to Torah learning is definitely a different person.  We have so many learning opportunities available for all levels. Children who come once a week to learn the parsha with the rabbi, daily learning for high school students, advanced learning in gemara for young boys who  study in Yeshiva but want a chance to excel in their learning levels,  daily French Guemara class, weekly Parasha class, Halacha Chabura,
Morning learning after both Minyanim, Chabrutot, and many others. Come and see for yourself what a transformative experience Torah learning can be in our exciting Yabia Omer Kolel.